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Which Has Had More Influence on You, Heredity or Environment?  

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   As far as I am concerned, I benefit more from environment than heredity. And environment influences me in three main aspects, including physical, intellectual and emotional characteristics.

  To begin with, I was asked to join in a swimming club when I was young. As a result, I have a healthy body. So the environment has a positive influence on my physical characteristic.

   And, my parents used to buy me a variety of books and read them to me. It was beneficial to my intelligence. Therefore, the environment plays an Important role in my intellectual characteristic.

   What s more, my seniors set a good example for me. For example, they are always willing to help others in front of me. They guide me to be an accommodate girl. Consequently, environment helps me form a good emotional characteristic

    All in all, I think that environment has a stronger influence compared to heredity. It is obvious that environment influences me a lot. In the contrary, heredity influences me little.

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